welcome to pines, vt!
pines is a fictional town in northwest vermont with lake champlain to the west and the green mountains to the east. it's located north of burlington and is home to around 30k people, though the population grows in the winter, when many come to visit the ski resort just outside of town. the town runs on renewable energy, similar to it's neighboring city, and is a place for people of all walks of life.

our wish with this community is to create a space in which people can escape from real life into a fictional world, therefore we will remain covid-free for the foreseeable future. we also want members to help us worldbuild this community by adding their own businesses, locations, and npcs. here you can find out about the neighborhoods, schools, and established businesses in town. if you would like to add your character's business after acceptance you can submit your information in ~resources.

historic downtown
located in the center of pines is the historic district, home to town hall, the public library, and a variety of small business nestled into old brick buildings. downtown is the most bustling area of pines, and has a few spaces for people to live in, such as apartments above businesses, townhouses, and a handful of historic homes.
hawthorn estates
once the jewel of pines, hawthorn estates was an upscale housing development full of mcmansions that were built in the 90s. now, it's former splendor has faded and it's mostly full of big houses that look rather dated, though recently some younger people have been buying up property there recently with plans to renovate them.
if you're looking for a regular middle class suburb, this is it. westloch is one of the original pines neighborhoods, along with downtown, and features a lot of small, but cozy homes. many of the houses here were built in the 50s, but there is some newer construction along the outer edges. the streets here are wide and tree lined and homey.
rosecliff is the newest housing development built on the edge of town. it's a gated community featuring large, modern homes that run on smart technology and renewable energy. houses just began being completed here within the past year, so all the residents are fairly new. there's also some empty homes and vacant lots with construction still going on.
industrial district
the industrial district was once home to drab warehouses and office spaces, but over the past decade has began to go through a resurgence as the buildings began to be renovated into art galleries, performance spaces, eateries, and lofts. this area is also home to regular street fairs, along with the monthly first friday event.
spruce place
located in a former department store in downtown, spruce place was renovated into luxury apartments within the last five years. it features spacious studios and one, two, and three bedroom units with exposed brick walls, hardwood floors, higher end appliances, security systems, and a gym for residents.
white pines manor
if you like white walls and beige carpeting, white pines manor is the place for you. this apartment complex is located near westloch and features one, two, and three bedrooms, balconies, and outdoor entry. it's a favorite of young adults just starting out in the world because of it's modest pricing.
sawmill lofts
located in the industrial district, this apartment complex was built within an old warehouse. the units are large, bright and modern featuring brick and iron accents. it's not as upscale as spruce place, but has character, and offers the opportunity to live in an exciting up and coming neighborhood.
south pines
just to the southeast of town cramped suburbs give way to green fields, agriculture, and farmhouses that date back a hundred years in some cases. fields are filled with crops of hay, corn, apples, cows, and other animals and produce. during the week south pines is without a doubt the quietest area of town, but on weekends is home to the flea and farmers markets, which bring a good amount of visitors to this side of town. farther south, beyond the flea and farmers markets, is a more neglected area of pines and you won't find many perfectly manicured lawns here - several trailer parks and older homes that have seen better days are scattered throughout this area.
town hall
Town Hall is located in historic downtown Pines. The buidling features the original columns and clock tower that were used when the building was erected in 1953. Inside Town Hall you'll find the police department, dmv, courtrooms and various other local goverment agencies, and of course, the office of Mayor Bill. Rumor has it that the ghost of former County Judge Boone, who passed away unexpectedly in the 80s, haunts the hallways and can be heard scraping his gavel along the wall in the east wing late at night. A group of local paranormal specialists camped out in the east wing overnight a few years ago and debunked this rumor, but townsfolk still believe the old Judge roams the halls.
One of the oldest family owned businesses in Pines is Kenny's. A small diner that serves up breakfast all day, and lots of lunch and dinner options too. The owner, Kenny, swears that Kenny Rogers ate there once. Kenny is also locally famous for being very vocal about how many times he's tried to sue Denny's, and claims that the entire Denny's menu is a total ripoff of almost all of his dishes.
flea and farmer's market
just south of town, pines gives way to rural farmland and fairgrounds, which is where the flea market is held. Every weekend vendors come to sell their wares and shoppers come to find a bargain. You can find anything and everything at the Flea Market - old vhs tapes, video games, beautiful rugs, someone's old pocket knife. During the Summer months the Flea Market allows outdoor vendors as well, and is also home to the Farmers Market.
arts on main
Arts on Main offers area artists and craftspeople a space to display their many works of art and offers a large catalog of classes and workshops to all ages and skill levels. This gallery also hosts many traveling exhibits from around the state. Local artists can even rent one of the upstairs rooms as their own workspace for a small monthly fee. Once a month, Arts on Main partners with goodnight's to host a Sip and Paint, which has been wildly popular with many of established mom groups from the area.
the capitol theater
The Capitol Theater is located just around the corner from Town Hall and has been a large part of the cultural fabric of Pines for close to 90 years. The theater began as a auditorium for stage shows in the 1930s and was redesigned as a movie house in the '60s. The theater offers new releases weekly and also hosts classic movie nights throughout the week, and still provides a space for stage shows and productions as needed. Each year residents and visitors alike look forward to the specially themed movie weeks, although last years 'The Hills Have Eyes' dinner show did not get stellar reviews in the local newspaper.
Chuck and Martha Goodnight first opened the doors of Goodnight's in 1978 to the thirsty patrons of Pines. Goodnights offers a wide variety of cocktails and drafts and quickly became one of the hot spots in town. Up until 2007 they even had a cigarette vending machine in the back hallway by the mens room. Many folks spent their nights drinking and playing pool in the back room and singing karaoke every Tuesday until 10. In 1994 Chuck and Martha shocked the whole town when they filed for divorce, Martha got the house and Chuck got the bar. Goodnight's is still a favorite of the over 21 crowd, and nobody seems to mind that Chuck now lives in the basement.
snowhaven resort
located to the northeast of town, the snowhaven ski resort provides most of the tourism that the town sees in the winter. with an extravagant lodge and high end accomodations, many people pass through pines every year in order to vacation there. the lodge has been there since the 70s, but has gone through many renovations in order to keep it up to date. though it's main focus is on winter sports, it is open all year and offers boating tours on lake champlain in the summer.
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elementary schools
westloch & downtown:
• pine hills elementary
• summit view elementary
• terrace heights elementary
hawthorn estates
• maple ridge elementary
• mountain crest elementary
• meadows elementary
• pleasant hill elementary
middle schools
westloch & downtown:
• evergreen middle
• broad river middle
hawthorn estates
• hillview middle
• forest lake middle
high schools
westloch & downtown:
• westloch high
hawthorn estates & rosecliff
• east pines high
college, etc.
• north vermont community college
• grandview academy, k-12 private school