can i play a faery, changeling, or other magical creature?
We don't want to flat out say no, but that really depends on your concept. If you have an idea that seems thought out and fun, and we can figure out how to work it in, there's a good chance we'll say yes!

are there any other magical towns like ambrose?
Town government has become aware of other magical settlements over the years. Right now we may not have that information on hand, if you're interested in playing a transplant and have ideas let us know!

can sleepers/untouched (unmagical people) be aware of the presence of magic?
Yes, our stance on it is that the longer non-magical people are in town the more aware they become of magical things happening. Newcomers may think Ambrose just loves a good festival and has a lot of strange events happening, but people who are told about magic, or have lived there for years can come to know about the fae touched and acknowledge faery activity. While 'untouched' is a kind of blanket term for individuals without magic, 'sleepers' refers to those unaware of magic's existence. There are untouched who know about magic, but cannot practice it themselves.
can my character become touched by fae?
Absolutely! If you would like to play a character who starts out untouched and begins to develop magic through some kind of magical event, feel free! There will be plenty of opportunities to write this kind of scenario.
can I help come up with plot?
Not only can you helo come up with plot, we highly encourage it. If you would even like your character to be central through an arc, we encourage discussing this with the mods in your development post customed to the mod journal.

can my character live or work at their guild house?
Yes, people can work at their guild house as a sort of mentor called an acolyte, their jobs are to help kids and the newly fae touched to hone their skills. And yes, we imagine guild houses can act as sort of dorms, acolytes or young people can sometimes live in them, especially if they're transitioning from living in their family home.