It goes without saying that all of the standard rules of rp apply here. Don't be a jerk or a creep. Don't harass people when things don't go your way. Don't cross the ic/ooc line.
Welcome to seers, a modern day fantasy community! We are looking for active, creative writers who want to immerse themselves in plot and interaction, so if this sounds like something you'd be interested in, we hope you'll make this place your new home! It's our intention for this to be a writing and creativity heavy community, we are looking for writers who wish to really develop their characters, individually and within a group. The mods will be handling most aspects of the plot, but we welcome ideas from writers and hope to include ways to engage characters individually.

Applying here is a little bit different than other communities. First, we do not require examples. This might seem unusual for a writing heavy community, but in our experience most examples are out of date anyway and don't always give an accurate representation of the writer. Instead, we'll be judging strictly on your character concept.

You will also need three backdated entries in your journal to apply. The first is an in character post meant for interaction, the second is your out of character post containing your biography and character information with comments screened. We do not require a lengthy bio to join. Instead, just answer the question "what are they like?", give us a rundown of their personality, history, if they have magic and how that manifests. We also suggest putting things like storyline ideas there for the sake of helping people connect, and so you're not having to answer the same questions in ~pbads all the time.

The third type of post you'll need in your journal is one filtered only to the mod. In this post we want you to put all your character plot ideas. If you want your character to find their long lost parents, or get in some trouble, have a secret revealed in the future, etc. let us know. We want to be able to weave stories together with the plot, so instead of posting in ~pbads and hoping you find someone to help you develop your ideas, just let us know what they are. We want to work with you and have this be interactive. Also, that post will be the way we contact you about plot.
here's an example of the types of things we'd like to know:
• are you okay with things happening to your character that are out of their hands?
• what would you like to see for upcoming plot? would you like to be involved in coming up with plot? eg. working on ideas for future festivals or other events
• do they have any secrets you'd like to see be revealed? is there a way you'd like them to be revealed? eg. finding a lost family member, being revealed as mortem.
• is there a specific storyline you'd like to play out with your character that we could help facillitate? eg. getting in trouble with the law, having experience with fae, becoming fae touched.

Naming customs in Ambrose are a little unconventional! People there often have unusual, old fashioned, and flora based names.
Aside from these things, applying is pretty standard. You will need a clean ic journal, meaning friends from previous communities and the communities themselves must be removed (this doesn't apply to people you have storylines with, feel free to keep them added). Your pb should be 18+ and their age should adhere to the five year rule. After acceptance you have three days to announce yourself to the community, whether that's through a traditional introduction post, or participation in a community plot post or ffa. If your application has been deleted that means you have been rejected, and we have decided that we didn't think your character would be a good fit, or that your concept was not strong enough. We are unlikely to respond to rejected applications, if there's an error on your application we will attempt to let you know so you can correct it.

applying as mortem
Despite this magic specialization publically having died out in the game, we are willing to take on a small amount of mortem/necromancers who practice in secret for the sake of upcoming plot.

Two forms of activity are required each month, we refer to them as contribution and development. Removals will be performed at 9pm pst on the last day of the month, and anyone who has not submitted both forms of activity or contacted us for an extension or hiatus will be removed.

Contribution is something that your character has contributed to the community or the plot of the community. Examples could be traditional friends page posts, free for alls (heading them and participating in them), participation in mod run activities, heading your own group activity, anything that relates to the social nature of your character. This community is a mixture of slice of life with fantasy, so modern technology and apps still exist. Social media is a plausible and realistic update idea, but also feel free to get creative!

Development is something specific about your character or anything that furthers the development of said character. Examples could be narratives, threads, character development questions, moodboards, or anything else that you think could work for furthering the knowledge of your character. We're looking for anything that could help us get a peek inside your characters head.

activity checks
We will be doing activity checks when we see fit, most likely after big plot arcs come to an end. When we do an activity check it will be posted on the friends page repeatedly and easily visible. We will never hide it in the text of a mod post. In the event of an activity check you will be given one week to comment and update your friends list, or you will be subject to removal.

extensions & hiatuses
Feeling bored or burnt out? We know participating in a plot driven community can sometimes be tiring. If you need a break, or even help with inspiration, please just let us know. We want to find a way to work with you.
If it's the end of the month and you need more time to get your activity in, you may request an extension in the member dropbox. Extensions will last for one week, and you may not ask for one more than two months in a row.

If you don't have time for rp, or just need a break from the community you may request a hiatus. Hiatuses will last from 2-6 weeks, and you must provide a return date when you submit your request. After that date passes we will comment you to confirm that you're back, and ask that you post some form of activity within the next week to reestablish yourself in the community.

please visit our faq page if you have any questions!