regarding faeries
"Faerie is a world of dark enchantments, of captivating beauty, of enormous ugliness, of callous superficiality, of humour, mischief, joy and inspiration, of terror, laughter, love and tragedy. It is far richer than fiction would generally lead one to believe and, beyond that, it is a world to enter with extreme caution."
─ Brian Froud
A faery is a generalized term for a preternatural creature that has come into our world through the planar rift under Dungeon Rock. There are different species of faeries with vastly different appearances, but most people use the generalized term to refer to these entities.

there are very few people in the human world who can honestly say they've seen a faery in their true form, the closest most come is seeing them out of their peripheral vision since they prefer to keep their identities to themselves. In fact, most do not appear at all, and instead choose to remain invisible while using their magic to influence the lives of mortals. If one does meet a faery in person, they will likely take the form of something else, since they do have the ability to shapeshift into nearly any size and appearance they can imagine. Usually, if they do take a physical form it's of an animal, but some do choose to become unnaturally beautiful humans. It's important to note, every faery in human form has some sort of flaw, which usually comes in the form of pointed ears, tails, or horns.

like humans, no two faeries are the same. Each has different intentions and motivations, but as a whole they are known to be mischievous, sometimes wicked creatures. The surprising thing about them is that they love and are very concerned with humankind, both because they desire to bring ones they deem worthy into their world, and because they are drawn to creativity and moments of high emotion, which humans easily provide. Despite being immortal, ancient creatures, they can be emotional and erratic, acting on impulse when they feel slighted or offended. They also observe humans like they're watching their favorite television show, growing obsessed to certain ones, shipping others together, etc. If you do something to catch a faery's attention, you can expect them to reaction in some way, good or bad.

Top 5 Fae DON'Ts
  • DON'T accept FOOD
  • DON'T make DEALS
They are genuinely just here for a good time (for themselves), and will do anything to achieve that, even if it means keeping you dancing in a faerie circle all night until your legs give out. They adore parties and anything in excess, though never eat any of the food they provide, you may unknowningly find yourself in a pact to the return home with them. Babies are another one of their favorite things, so make sure to cast protections on any young children, or else they may be carried away and replaced with a changeling.

But even though faeries are chaotic creatures, but they do have values. The ideas of keeping promises and honoring debts is very important, and they will never forget to call on what they believe is owed to them. It is said that they are unable to lie, and therefore take great offense to being lied to in return. However, lying by omission is permissible, so choose your words wisely and avoid giving away too much about yourself when interacting with fae. And most importantly, never go home with the hot new person you just met at the Full Moon Festival.

life in faerie
Past the rift, lies the Realm of Faerie. Home to the Seelie and Unseelie Courts that are ruled over by their ancient High Lord. Many humans don't remember their time there if they spend any time at all, or live to tell the tale. What is known about the land is partly common knowledge and partly from Herbina Mint, the emissary of the lands who often helps broker peace between Faerie and the people of Ambrose. Never eat anything in their lands and never turn your back. The Realm of Faerie is vast, a home for all different kinds of fae, dangerous and slightly less dangerous. You can find Selkies in the marshlands, Will o'wisps over waters, or blood thirsty Redcaps, who are found often on battlefields.

though in Ambrose they divide magic into different categories, the most important kind to the fae are glamours, which is what allows them to shapeshift and put images into the heads of mortals. A faery would love nothing more than to trick you by taking the form of the most attractive person you've ever seen and trick you into eating a meal of faded leaves that you believed was delicious food. Most fae are able to perform magic from at least one of the known specializations outside of glamour magic though.

regarding fiends
Please note, fae are not the only entities known to come through the rift. There have been evil creatures called fiends that have been reported, supposedly different from fae in that they're of lesser intelligence and hellbent strictly on destruction. The town government claims that this is not an issue. They do not publically aknowledge the existence of fiends, and claim anything that comes through the rift is ultimately harmless.