residents of Ambrose
β€œAnd above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
─ Roald Dahl
The residents of Ambrose, MA are collectively fairly closed off and secretive to the rest of the world. However among themselves they are a very warm and inviting community of people who, above all else, enjoy having a party and a festival. Not everyone is Fae-Touched, but many are and practice magic in the comfort of their own homes. There is a glamour on Ambrose, keeping the untouched from seeing the magic behind it.

Magnolia Cunningham
Mayor, Seven Seats, Steward of Oraculum, 67
Affectionately known as Mags, Mayor Cunningham is a beacon of inspiration and motivation among the residents of Ambrose. Outwardly she is supportive and kind, but is not a pushover. She would give the shirt off her back to anyone who needs it while also holding them accountable to their responsibilities. As the Head of Oraculum, she is a powerful seer and augur, intune with the unseen spirits and flow of time. She is most often found in her home in Hollow Hills, her office in Old Ambrose or Nightshade Manor. She feels she maintains more of a connection with the people by keeping her own home. Mags was extremely close to the late Niles Undergrove, steward of Protego, and is building a similar relationship with the current seat holder, Iris Havenash. She openly counters all arguments doubting the young woman. She is not married, but has been in a decades long partnership with her beloved Lark.

Residence: Hollow Hills
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Orville Wu
Seven Seats Speaker, Steward of Conjuro, 58
In addition to being steward of Conjuro, Orville Wu is speaker of the Seven Seats and technically second in command. He has a very stern and serious nature, taking a lot of pride in his jobs and his responsibility. He and Mags have been working closely together for years, and as the two heads of the Seven Seats for the past decade. Their relationship is more like brother and sister than it is work associates at this point. Orville always had a green thumb, feeling most at peace when he is out in nature, and has fundementally brought this concept to the specialization of Conjuro, growing something out of nothing. As the head of this group, he is able to manifest powerful items out of thin air, but feels most powerful tending to the garden at Honeyside Farm. His pride is the annual pumpkin patch. He is most often seen at his home, located on the same property as Honeyside, or the Mayor's office in Old Ambrose.

Residence: Honeyside
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Bernard Belmont
Seven Seats, Steward of Mutatio, 66
The most common perception of Bernard Belmont, is that he really doesn't like you. You're not sure why or what you did, but there is a vibe that he would rather be anywhere else than listening to what you have to say. With a stern, no nonsense attitude, Belmont is known for a lack of humor when it comes to most people and things - except for animals. Bernard loves animals. He has little patience for acolytes who refuse to take their abilities seriously and has been known to get into tense arguments with Sanders over the idea of revealing the existence of magic to the everyday public. His temper can be explosive and upsetting. It's widely rumored that Belmont has a dark history associated with his magic abilities and many go so far as to posit he hurt, injured or even killed someone close to him when he was first learning to wield his magic. He keeps to himself most of the time, but is rarely out of public eye, usually found in the small green space in the middle of Old Ambrose feeding pigeons and petting dogs.

Residence: Winter's End
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Iris Havenash
Seven Seats, Steward of Protego, 35
When Niles Undergrove unexpectedly passed away in late January 2021, life for many was sent into a state of upheaval. No one feeling it deeper than Iris Havenash, a woman who had thought of Undergrove as a sort of father figure. She had been apprenticing closely beneath him for the past five or six years, but never thought she would find herself as steward for at least a couple more decades. Normally a very vibrant and wam woman, she has recently turned inward as she tries to balance grief and new responsibilities, and barely feel like she has it together. With the guidance of Mayor Cunningham, she is beginning to get on her feet, but is accutely aware that most citizens doubt her ability to steward with such little experience, and have much to say about her leadership within the community and on the Seven Seats. She is usually found at Cuirn Hall, a place where she's found much solice and comfort in recent days, or in Old Ambrose, doing her best to repair her image in the community.

Residence: Cuirn Hall
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Pollyanna Fernandes
Seven Seats, Steward of Illusio, 55
Pollyanna Fernandes appears to have everything going for her. She is gorgeous, intelligent and powerful. Serving as the steward of Illusio, she is always up for putting on a show. She is heavily involved with the community, usually seen as the social director of Ambrose, and appears to really come alive under the moonlight during the monthly festivals. She has served as a steward and been on the Seven Seats for the past fifteen years and is a part of a long established line of leadership. She appears to be the height of perfection, every hair in it's place, makeup applied expertly and a new even more fashionable outfit every day of the year. She is poised, graceful and charming, and easily one of the most eligible bachelorettes in town. It's easy to wonder if this perfection is all an act or glamour, hiding the real woman behind the magic. Frequently seen tending her garden in Hollow Hills, working at town hall in Old Ambrose or taking care of the pupils at Stargazer's Watch, she is always on the move.

Residence: Hollow Hills
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Sanders Stone
Seven Seats, Steward of Fascinare, 55
Despite appearing shy at first, Sanders Stone is actually a man of many words. He is the type who will talk your ear off on any given subject if he has even the slightest amount of interest. He finds the world around him fascinating, and even more so the people in it. One of his biggest areas of concern involves the ethics that go along with the use of magic, making sure it is practiced with the utmost respect and responsibility for yourself and those around you. He is deeply philosophical, sometimes pondering whether keeping magic a secret from the rest of the world while the evils run free is the right thing to do. Most of his time is spent at the historical society in Old Ambrose, deep in the archives or chronicling unidentified magical items. He lives at Lazuli House, and will drop anything to help those in fascinare.

Residence: Lazuli House
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Thurston Windemere
Seven Seats, Steward of Excitare, 42
The rumors are true! If you've heard that Thurston Windemere was saying his 'coronation' was 'impeded upon' by the death of Niles Undergrove, you're absolutely correct. Taking over as Steward of Excitare only a few months ago after the previous leader retired, he anticipated at least a year of celebrations and flattery to accompany his new position. But, Windemere has always expected fanfare wherever he goes. He's the first to tell you of his adolescence in the English countryside, and how he studied the art of evocation with the best wizards in the world. His words. He's usually found at Vermilion Chateau - where he currently lives - or around Old Ambrose between working at town hall and trying to be seen socially, usually with 'his boys' Orville and Bernard. Again, his words. If you haven't bought a copy of his novel Electrifying Light (which is just a thinly veiled version of his life), don't worry, he's usually signing free copies at the bookstore.

Residence: Vermilion Chateau
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Herbina Mint aka "Bert"
Emissary to the Seelie Court, currently in Faerie
Very little is really know about Bert, other than that she has the unique job of passing between our world and the faerie plane to relay messages and make negotiations. She's been doing this job for as long as anyone can remember, and some people can remember pretty far back. It doesn't appear as though her appearance changes or ages anymore. When she is in Ambrose she spends most of her time with the Seven Seats, or in her small cottage in Shadyside.

Residence: Shadyside
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