once upon a time...
An Adventuring Party later known as The Originals, were tracing magic and leylines through the Americas. After finding a nexus of energy, the party attempted a powerful ritual and failed miserably, causing the magnitude 7.9 Charlevoix Earthquake and tore a rift into the faerie realm deep in the caves of Massachusetts under a site now known as Dungeno Rock. The deadly earthquake rocked the Atlantic coast causing landslides, floods and rendering water tables unusuable. Missionaries regarded this event as a warning of France's sinfulness.

who are the Originals?
  • Digby Sinclair - Illusio
  • Eudora Standish - Oraculum
  • Gilbert Fairfax - Conjuro
  • Margery Aldrich - Mutatio
  • Millicent Wolfram - Protego
  • Seraphina Ashby - Excitare
  • Thomas Veale - Mortem
  • Whitacre Yardley - Fascinare
The Originals were imbued with powerful magic from the Fae Realm and gifted extended life. Their new abilities reflected their personalities, running the gambit from protection to destruction. With their new found powers, they parted ways and travel through out North America. Viewing them as gods, the Fae attached and vowed themselves to the Originals - without their knowledge. They followed the Originals on their travels, touching people along the way and imbuing them with magic. That magic still runs through the blood of the fae-touched today.

Along the way opinions and perceptions have changed regarding the abilities posessed by those that are fae-touched. The most of which is the specialization known as Mortem, often regarded as dark and evil. At times it has even been so accepted by the people of Ambrose that there was an official guild and involvement in the town's government. These days it is forbidden, and the official statement from the Seven Seats is that it has died off.

1663 - The Rift into the Faerie Realm is torn open at Dungeon Rock. The Originals are imbued with new abilities. Unseen Fae pour out of the rift, following the Originals across North America, spreading magic. They bring with them both magical abilities and fiendish evils.
1692 - In the town of Salem, 156 people are accused of witchcraft, imprisoned and abused. After the witch trials, 25 are killed. It is widely known that this was a direct result of the Fae, Fiends and Fae-touched magic spreading throughout the land. The Originals reunite to discuss the magnitude of their actions. Deep disagreements arrise.
1697 - As power spreads through the land and the magic begins to manifest itself in twisted and dark ways, the Originals continue to convene and disagree on how to handle the situation. A violent altercation erupts, in which the Originals discover Thomas Veale is no longer mortal, but instead a powerful lich.
1699 - Over the course of the next two years, the Originals and Thomas Veale clash multiple times all over North America, leaving their mark on the land. Eventually they are able to trap him by using a powerful binding spell, and he is locked away in hiding. The Originals then come together and close the Rift, sending four into Faerie and leaving three on the outside.
1721 - The town of Ambrose is founded, near the site of the Rift.


1834 - Over the course of more than 100 years, the remaining Originals discover the ways Fae-Touched Magic manifests in mortals, categorizing the eight core specializations on themselves and their former companions. A guild structure evolves in Ambrose and after many years without incident, Mortem - stemming from the dark magic of Thomas Veale - is allowed to form a guild. Halls are built, with strong warding magic protecting them.
1852 - Hiram Marble, a devout member of Oraculum, begins digging out Dungeon Rock, discovering that the Rift was never completely closed. Saying he was directed to dig by a ghost, he also discovers what is believed to be the skeleton of Thomas Veale. It is returned to Mortem. Ambrose forms a Sentinel Guard to manage and protect the Rift.
1881 - Adam Coon, a famous medium in Boston, tells Sarah Winchester to begin building in California. In Ambrose, the leaders of each guild form a council in direct result to this egregious abuse of power. Fae-Touched associated with Mortem, Oraculum, and Fascinare are found guilty. Sarah Winchester believed so deeply the spirits told her to do this, she suffered many mental breaks and never stopped building until she died.
1890 - After years of growing sanctions over abuse of power and ethics, Mortem is officially banned from Ambrose once more, deemed dark and forbidden magic and openly persecuted. This ushers in a short and violent time of witchhunts in secret, until it is declared Mortem has died out - despite many scholars believing no magic can ever truly die out.


1922 - After years of debate on how to handle magic manifesting in mortals, the ADVOCATE initiative is formed to begin seeking out those who have abilities and bring them to Ambrose in order to foster and teach responsible practice. This effort is still in place today with many young acolytes dedicating a period of their life to travel the world seeking these individuals. It is believed that the earliest intervention is key to overcoming any inclination toward dark magic.
1963 - After years of exploring, it is uncovered that there are other magical communities around the world at great points of naturally occuring magical power. The Tri-centennial of the opening of the Rift ushers in a new era of commitment to protecting Fae-Touched on a global scale.
1995 - 2006 - Magnolia Cunningham is appointed steward of Oraculum in 1995. Bernard Belmont begins stewarding Mutatio in 1999. Niles Undgergrove begins leading Protego in 2000. Oliver Wu steps into steward of Conjuro in 2002 and Sanders Stone takes over Fascinare in 2003. In 2006 Pollyanna Fernandes becomes steward of Illusio.


2020 - Thurston Windemere is appointed steward of Excitare when Valentina Quigley steps down. She still lives in Ambrose.
2021 - Niles Undergrove unexpectedly passes away leaving Iris Havenash as the steward of Protego.

in the future...
At seers we believe in guided storylines and plot development. This is not your average SOL comm. While SOL can and will be the focus at times (between arcs), we are also planning events and story arcs that will happen over time. In order to do this, we are developing a structure for our arcs. Once an arc has completed, it will be chronicled here. We want to provide plot seen from beginning to end that will help evolve the comm and change the face over time.